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I’m Jolanda Vaes
and I’m a

portrait photographer.


I was born and raised in Holland and have been living with my husband and son in Spain and Turkey and since 2013 we live in France close to the Geneva area.

I have always been with my camera during my travels but in 2018  

I decided to take the daring step to start my Portrait Photography business. I was mostly self-taught but assisted also in several courses and workshops of awarded photographers to amplify my Know-How about posing, contemporary Portraits and Fine Art Photography which I shoot in my home studio. 

I have won several awards in different International Photography competitions like the prestigious Portrait Master Competitions and others. 



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My  Passion

Every woman whom I photograph has a story to tell...we're all very critical towards ourselves and we always find something that we don't like. An excuse for being photographed. 

   If someone has been photographed before and has not had this experience, or if there were unflattering or ugly photos or if she felt uncomfortable, then someone has been damaged. She prefers never to be in the picture again, she doubts herself and of course, never doubts the photographer. That is the power you have as a photographer. When someone is damaged, it is more difficult to gain trust.

I am aware of this power with every shoot. Everyone standing in front of my camera feels vulnerable. Logically, this is not something you do every day and you expose yourself. I hear your story and feel your emotions. Then my enthusiasm comes into play, haha. I can become so happy when I watch you grow that you lower your wall and put your full trust in me. The amazingly beautiful photos that appear on my camera and the freedom with which you move along the session. You will feel free and comfortable.  As a photographer, I want to take you into what I see and feel so that you will see yourself differently after the shoot. 

I know what beauty looks like and I can see yours. I think it's beautiful when people embrace who they are. Likewise, it is rewarding when the images express the unique beauty of the person.

It’s my mission to help you and your children to feel comfortable in front of my camera and to make beautiful images. 

I invite you to a personal session with me. It will give you and your children the confidence needed to empower and be the best version of yourself.♡


Love,  Jolanda 

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