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*Customers have become acquainted with the photographer's portfolio and fully accept her individual style of taking photos and method of graphic processing and quality of completed works.

They read carefully the description of the session that interests them and know what to expect during the session and what they will get as part of the purchased package.


*After accepting the final images, they will not ask for photo corrections change in colour, cropping, retouching etc. 


*Customers undertake to pay a non-refundable session fee at the time of booking, which is the ONLY confirmation for the date of the session.

The session date may be changed only one time. 

In the event that the client requests to reschedule a session, the retainer shall be applied to a reschedule session if notice is given at least 5 days prior to the scheduled event.

Reschedule must be within the same calendar year.

Any client that is arriving late at the session will have the amount of time late deducted from the scheduled time for this session.


*Customers were informed about not being able to receive all / RAW (unedited) images.


*Customers familiarized themselves with the price list and services.


*Customers undertake not to interfere in the final form of the received images without consulting the photographer, this includes cropping, adding text, changing colour with filters or changing the image to black and white, etc. for final use on websites and social media.


*Clients consent to the subsequent use of the work in the materials advertising the photographer's activity (e.g on Facebook, websites) and they will not make any financial or other claims in the future.


*Photographs taken during the session are the property of the Photographer, therefore, the parent undertakes not to use the photos to participate in photo contests without notifying the Photographer and or mentioning her name as the maker of the image.


*Customers accept a ban on taking photos during the session with their own equipment and reveal moment of the final images without the Photographer's consent.


*Customers cover all costs related to the repair or damage to photographic equipment or material used for the session which occurred during the session through their fault.


*The Photographer does not consent to the presence of third parties not participating in the session.


*Customers accept the date of the final images (2/3 weeks) from the time of the photoshoot. 



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